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Magic Motion Potion Bearings

When the going gets tough, the tough choose Motion Potion to keep their wheels spinning. Featured here on our 2014 Racing Bearing construction Motion Potion works to provide the highest quality lubrication for the longest possible time. Using the same low-friction high strength Polished Unicorn Bone cage, break in remains a non-issue. Racing Bearings with Motion Potion are the best choice for riders who experience harsh conditions and need superior performance, or the average skater who wants to go months, or years, without needing to re-lubricate. The synthetic molecules in Motion Potion evaporate over a span of decades, and are more resistant to breakdown than any other grease or oil on the market. Its Teflon base is water-insoluble and resistant to washout, and nanoparticle additives work with the surface of the bearing steel to prevent corrosion, reduce wear, and provide extreme load protection. Motion Potion keeps working long after other lubricants fail.

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