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Jati Shop-Suey

Chop Suey

Length: 41″
Width: 10″(widest)
Wheelbases: 26″,27″
Drop: 3/8″

Features: Micro Drop, Flared wheelwells, flush mount, nose and tail kicks

Construction: 7 maple ply, 2 fiberglass, 4 carbon strips on kicks

Introducing new board from Jati Boards, Chop Suey. It is an aggressive multi-discipline freerider comfortable in any skating environment. Composite construction of maple, fiberglass, and carbon fiber inlay makes it stiff and stable for downhill racing, light for tricks and tranny off the twin kicks, and has omnidirectional concave, drop and flare wheelwells to give you all the control you’d ever want in even the most creative of slides. Graphic by Taylor Martin.

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