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Cult Gamma Ray 72mm 80a

In order to gain maximum grip from the greatest downhill wheel in existance, we turned to a new formula – the mighty HORROTICA. In the Gamma Ray we wanted a high grip wheel with a slower rebound, perfect for railing corners and holding grip for fast exit speeds. We knew that you needed the ultimate Race Wheel, and turned our many minds to the seemingly impossible task.

In the end, we succeeded.

72mm x 54mm
52mm contact patch
Formulated from HORROTICA.
10mm Spacer

Designed for high speeds and high traction, Horrotica is our low rebound Race formula. We tortured many of your Gods creatures, extracting their sentient harmonic residues. Thousands of other World Beings perished in the Experimentation Laboratories. We sought to create the ultimate race chemistry. In the end, we succeeded.

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