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Fireball Beast Black 87a

Size: 76mm
Durometer: 87a
Width: 65mm
Contact Patch Size: 49mm
Contact Patch Surface: SlidePrepped
Edge Type: Beveled
Core Position: Offset
Comes with Fireball Sticker!

Beast are designed to have you stoked no matter what your ride style. They have offset cores with fat lips, allowing for the proper amount of grip when cornering and carving. However, the Fireball SlidePreppedTM surface allows you to break into a slide and create clean lines when you feel that urge. The angled lips create a progressively larger contact patch as the wheel is slowly worn down from rippin slides. Beast offers a ton of urethane relative to the size of the core, creating a smoother, longer slide and ride.

Trick of the Trade: If you ride favoring a heelside or toeside slide, rotate these wheels (switch front right with front left and back right with back left) at the first sign of coning to greatly increase the life and performance of The Beast.

Artwork by Rod Gon.

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