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Plasma Precision 200mm

Colors Machined Aluminum
Truck Width 200mm
Truck Axle Diameter 7.9883mm +0, -.002
Truck Angle 41.5 Deg
Weight 421.2g with venom elminator bushings and hardware

Its a pretty bold statement to say these are the highest quality trucks every made. Plasma trucks are manufactured in Calgary Alberta Canada at a machine shop called Prototypes Plus Inc. The shop has black and white checkered floors, hepa filtered air and is temperature controled. Prototypes plus only produces quality products. Almost everything they make is accurate to within a tolerance of .0001 of an inch, some of it even higher. Thank god for the economic recession of the oil industry in Alberta without it, manufacturing longboard trucks at this shop would not have been possible. The design process started by gathering every set of precision and cast trucks available. Weeks were spent analyzing truck geometry and movements under different conditions and on various set ups. After a geometry was decided on, combining the best features of all of the trucks on the market we began the 3D modeling process. State of the art software was used, with FEA (finite element analysis) technology to optimize the weight and strength of the trucks. This lead to the development of the Plasma's very special permanant king pins and axles. The axles and kingpins are precision ground close to their final diameter. The threads are then milled, not turned with custom tooling. After the threads are inspected and meet military aircraft specifications the axles are brought to their final diameter with a micro-lapping process, and then polished to ensure to galling or binding of your fastening nuts. The axles and kingpins are fastened into the hanger and baseplate with a specialized collar that slips over the axle and presses into a special tapered hole in the hangers and baseplates. three tonnes of force are used to press in the collars that contract and grab the axle securing it in place forever. Every component of these trucks is made of the highest quality materials, they even come with aircraft grade axle and kingpin nuts that have a very heavy nylon locking feature and are cadmium plated so they do not corrode. The finish on the aluminum components looks polished from a distance, however close inspection reveals a finely machined surface smoother than anything else on the market. Every detail on these trucks has been thought of, every edge is de-burred, and every surface is perfect.

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